Take One Last Look

I have been living in the small town of Lancaster, England for the past 3 years while I have been at university. At the end of June I will be leaving, so it’s time to sit back, get sentimental, listen to a Tom Waits song and look at photos of some of my favourite things about Lancaster.

I would never have explored the outskirts of Lancaster without my bike. Here are just a few places I discovered while cycling around trying to find somewhere new:


The path along the canal that leads to university, filled with lovely views, dog walkers and plenty of sheep most mornings. Usually quicker than taking the bus too on days when traffic is bad!


Another view of the canal path leading to uni


The result of a cycle down a road I’d never explored before. Flood plains and some very nice views, including this one of the whole of Lancaster, allowing you to see its most famous landmarks from afar.


A reservoir at Abbeystead, about a 50 minute cycle away. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a nice cycle on a sunny day. I ended up here after a quest to take a very similar picture to one used by a lecturer at the start of a lecture, took a while to find out exactly where it was, but it was well worth it.


A picture of the path leading up to the reservoir. Absolutely no-one around that day.

Now on to places which don’t require a bike to get to. Above are pictures of the fantastic view from Williamson Park/Ashton Memorial. A must-visit for anyone who finds themselves in Lancaster, even just for the day.


The view from the 2A bus route on a sunny day always cheered me up. Even if it did take twice as long as a 3 to get into town…

More pictures by the canal, closer to town this time. The canal runs right through the centre of Lancaster, so it’s very handy for getting around.


Sunset photo from by the castle. Some of the nicest sunsets I’ve ever seen have been during my time at Lancaster.


The only indoor shot of this post, but it definitely deserves to be here. The Hall is one of my favourite cafes in all of England, and well worth going out of your way to find if you’re visiting Lancaster.

Campus ducks, standard.

2014-11-24 14.23.21

A view of campus taken during my first few weeks at Lancaster.

And that’s it, a brief overview of what I’ve done with my time at Lancaster (apart from a degree) and some of the prettiest place you can find here, you just have to look hard enough.


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