Tom’s Travels: Spa Day In Ulverston

Since this is a travel blog, and I’m finally starting to do some travelling now that exams are out they way, I thought I’d write a quick post about my latest little trip.

As a graduation present, my mum booked my girlfriend and I into the Whitewater Hotel in Ulverston for a night. While there we explored the local scenery (even if it was in the middle of nowhere), ate some delicious food, and gave ourselves time for some much-needed relaxation.


My favourite part of the trip was waking up at 7am and heading straight to the pool. Exercising first thing in the morning while the day was just beginning, and most people weren’t even awake yet, was a great way to start the day.


I always like finding geocaches away from home, and this holiday was no exception. The hotel used to be home to a mill, and underneath this piece of old machinery was a geocache.


The hotel itself was super easy to get to, even without a car. We got the train and a bus, and got to explore Grange-Over-Sands while waiting for the bus to arrive, which was a very picturesque place.


Overall, a much-needed post-exam trip that left me feeling incredibly relaxed – recommended to everyone!


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