Summer Update #1

Summer is here, which means I have copious amounts of time to spend on personal projects. Without further ado, here’s a list of everything I’m trying to achieve this summer!

Web Design

With the help of YouTube tutorials, websites and e-books, I am trying my hand at learning HTML and CSS so that I can become a competent web designer. I already have experience with C++ from my third-year engineering project, and HTML and CSS are much simpler than C++, so I am picking up the languages quite easily.

My eventual aim is to become good enough so that I can start designing websites for friends, family and local businesses, in order to make some money over summer, and gain some experience in working for myself. Hopefully this will lead to me being able to reach out to better-paying clients as time goes on, but before that is the case, I need to build up my skills!

One of my first websites!

Above is a picture of a simple website I designed today. It’s heavily based on a YouTube tutorial I followed, however as I learn more skills I will be able to make more impressive, custom websites.

Driving Lessons

I had a number of driving lessons before I went to university, however I did not gain enough experience to pass my test before then.

This summer, I am determined to pass my driving test. I have booked my theory test and I am doing plenty of practice tests, and I am in contact with a driving instructor so lessons should begin soon! As soon as I have passed my test I won’t have to worry about it when doing my masters or any other time in the future.


One habit I felt was slipping towards the end of last term was keeping a regular exercise schedule. I am not a member of any gym and I don’t do any sport, so it is entirely up to me to find ways of keeping my body active.

Two daily habits I have implemented are:

  • Walking my dog
  • 20-minute bodyweight workout
The most adorable form of exercise

Walking Lola every day means I get to listen to a podcast, which is something I rarely do at home because normally I listen to podcasts when on the bus to/from university, and bodyweight exercise every day means that I am improving my strength and stamina.

DJing and Music

By some rather nice circumstances, I have found myself setting up and maintaining  the Twitter for a local record store which is currently undergoing rejuvenation. I have always had the dream of working in a record store, so to be able to be involved with the revitalising of a fantastic old record store is proving to be very interesting.

DJ desk
Halfway there!

I am also building a DJ desk so that I have somewhere more attractive to mix my records. The desk is about halfway done, the final steps include sourcing some brackets so that a shelf can be attached above the decks for my laptop (for control vinyl) and speakers.

Additional Hobbies

There are several habits which were too small to require their own section. These include:

  • Playing piano – The piano has been moved into my bedroom, so I am playing it much more often than I did when it was downstairs
  • Meeting up with friends – Although most of my uni friends live the other side of the country, I am still making a conscious effort to meet up with friends back home so that I am socialising regularly and speaking to people
  • Podcast – My music-based podcast has been put on the back burner for the time being while I focus on more pressing issues such as learning HTML/CSS and driving lessons, but I hope to continue working on it soon
  • Rubik’s cube – My brother has one of these in his bedroom, and I am hoping I can learn how to solve it before the end of summer

So that’s my summer in a nutshell (along with a few holidays and graduating). Do you have anything interesting you’re planning over the summer months? Let me know in the comments below!


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