Summer Update #2

One month down. 2 to go. Here’s the list of things I achieved in July, and what I’m hoping to achieve in August.

DJ Desk

dj desk

One of the coolest projects I’ve completed in a long time. I’ve wanted a specific place to listen to music, store all my records and DJ at for ages now, but moving around every year at university meant that it was really hard to set up something permanent.

Originally following Scott Donovan’s guide, I had to make a few adjustments (the main one being that IKEA don’t sell the brackets shown in that link anymore), however I think the desk is sturdy and completely adequate for DJing at. It’s worked out very successfully, if I do say so myself.

Web Design

My original plan at the start of summer was to learn HTML and CSS (check) and a bit about web design (check) and then start looking for clients to design for (… the hard part).

I feel like I’ve successfully learned all the theory of web design, however actually putting it into practice is proving to be quite a challenge. There is so much more to learn, and so many better people out there with years of experience, that I’d feel bad charging someone for a basic website, especially when I’ve only been doing this for a month.

I realised that I really wasn’t looking to become a professional web designer, in reality I was just looking to make a bit of money over summer. So instead I’m going to look into something a bit simpler. Perhaps social media management for people, search engine optimisation (SEO) or anything else I can think of. Hopefully I’ll have some success to report on in the next update!

Driving Lessons

These are actually going really well. I’m 4 lessons in (each lesson is 2 hours long) and I have 3 lessons lined up over the next week.

failed my theory test by 1 mark (!!!), but I am resitting that on Thursday and I should ace it without any problems.

My current aim is to have my practical test passed before the end of September.


In the last update, I wanted to keep up a regular exercise schedule. Once I realised the positive benefits of daily exercise, I made a conscious effort to do some form of exercise every day. I have been completing a bodyweight fitness routine daily, and I am already noticing great results a month in.

My goals for this month are to look more into diet, and figure out what it is best for me to eat in order to ensure I am getting to correct amount of calories and nutrients. This is something I especially need to pay attention to as I am on a vegetarian diet.

DJing and Music

I haven’t landed any gigs back home, but I have recorded a new DJ mix, which I think is one of my best.

There are a few bars in town which I have reached out to, but have not heard anything back from. So this week I am going to get back in touch with them and see if they are still interested.

Additional Hobbies and Goals

  • I have been playing piano pretty much every day, and I am noticing an improvement in my skills
  • I am going on holiday to Portugal towards the end of this month, which should be fun
  • I am preparing my move to a new city for my Masters in Audio Engineering, which is incredibly exciting

That’s all for my month! Are there any goals that you managed to achieve or have planned to achieve this summer? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.




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